Food blogging for a week

I have decided to do something slightly different with this blog over the next week. Normally, I am not the chef in my household and haven’t cooked daily since I left university. But for the next week, I will be in charge of cooking and preparing every meal I eat. I enjoy cooking and like to try new things so hope to share some of these dishes with you.

Cooking is something which is fundamentally scientific. Heating food in anyway (cooking, boiling, frying etc.) is a chemical reaction where the food changes from one state to another in an irreversible reaction. What’s more, the food that we eat is intrinsically linked to our health. A balanced diet provides our bodies with the energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals that we need to live, grow and function properly. Diet is linked to several diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer so it is important to try to eat well.

My blog posts over the week will have a scientific underpinning but they will primarily be recipes. I hope that you enjoy them and possibly get some inspiration.


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